Use this guide to explore some of the options available for your business.

We offer a variety of options to assist our customers in their web services needs. Listed here are just a few of our standard package options. Every business need is different, and each package can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need only a basic page for your business, hosting recommendations, domain name advice, graphic editing, or an entire site with SEO and on-going support, we’re here to help.

 FAQ  Basic web page on Space Coast Florida  Website hosted on an outside hosting provider

Comparison Chart for our basic website services

Can I choose my own name? Yes… there is almost no limitation since it is very unlikely that someone has already chosen your business name here on Space Coast Florida. With significant limitations based on name availability since many business names have already been registered. We can help you select a name which reflects your business.
Can I Customize my page appearance? In general, but the overall look will match our site to a large extent. If you would like to change the header or background image display, there will be an additional fee for setup and maintenance, but this solution can be an excellent way to help your page stand out from the crowd. Yes… there are no limitations except your own creativity. Our standard theme provides control over each aspect, or select from thousands of themes available at WordPress.
Can I add pages / posts? Posts can be added at a cost of $20 each with your text and up to 3 images. Additional assistance and customization is available for a small fee. Yes… you can add your own posts or pages as you like. For those who need a little help, we can provide training to get you started.
How about additional features (plugins)? Features (plugins) are added to our site, not individual pages. We continually add upgrades to the site and are always happy to help you take full advantage of them without the need to install and update on your page. Yes… with a little research, you can locate plugins which extend the function and are often available for free. We are also happy to provide some recommendations based on years of experience testing and configuring top of the line features.
Are there any monthly costs? Basic pages on Space Coast Florida are charged annually, not monthly. This depends on hosting provider… generally less than $15 monthly. We can help you select a hosting provider to suit your specific needs if you like.
What are the annual costs? Our annual cost for a basic page is currently $75. There is no annual surcharge for additional articles which have been developed for your account. Any such articles are included as part of your account. Most hosting companies charge about $15 per year for domain name renewal. This is in addition to their monthly hosting charge.
What are the start-up costs? We currently charge a one time development fee of $35 to customize your page with graphics or page information you provide. If you would like to add galleries or slideshow displays, these can be added as well for a small additional cost. Our standard website development package is $395 which includes a customized solution suitable for most business needs. Additional packages are available for a more specialized solution to your needs as well.
What are the costs to maintain the site? The page is maintained and monitored as part of the annual fee, but any basic edits requested to the page after initial post are charged $20. Elaborate changes or customization is charged at a $35 per hour development fee. Most maintenance can be performed by the website owner (you), or anyone familiar with WordPress. On-going maintenance (updating WordPress, monitoring site, updating plugins, etc.) is also available from Cocoa Enterprises LLC, and priced according to specific customer needs.

This quick reference guide is provided to give you a general idea of the costs to help improve your business visibility. We take pride in delivering web solutions customized for your specific needs. Those customers who only need certain services will often find that the costs are even lower than the listed examples.

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