Does My Local Business Really Need a Website?

Cocoa Enterprises LLC helps let you decide how important a website is to build your local areas business. Some of the common myths about whether your business needs a website are revealed and answered below.

business_directory_listings2When was the last time you used a printed copy of your local area phone book? There seems to be dozens of them even for a relatively small area. A book covering your area may contain only 10% of the businesses related to your need. Sometimes they are helpful, but the best choice is often not listed. The ease of internet search means that fewer people are using printed books when searching for products and services. Everyone wants choices and to make the best use of their money.

Ask yourself… when you need something, where do you turn? If you find that more often than not, you search with Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any of the other popular search engines, you already know that you need a website. If you can’t be found by search, you are limited to word of mouth, or by those who notice your business from their travels. Even those who have heard great things about your business from others still search for your business first.

Many small businesses do not have a good searchable website, or worse they have no website at all! Small business owners are BUSY getting the multitude of things done which they started their business for. Taking the time to learn about online options ranks right up there with filing annual tax reports. This can be a BIG mistake since you are absolutely losing potential business!

Shop localCustomers are always searching the internet looking for products and services. When you perform a search for your own product or service, are you listed within the first few pages? If not, are your competitors listed? If your competitor can be found and not your business, who do you think will get the sale?

So… since potential customers want choices and choose to search on the internet, it seems clear that you need to be found there. One problem is that many business owners think that since when they search for their business by name, there are several listings along with phone number and address. These listings on sites such as happen automatically because you have registered your business name within the state you operate in. When you click on the link, you usually see no information relevant other than name, phone, and address.

These listings will do nothing for you until you claim the listing, put basic business information in and (preferably) provide a link to your website where customers can learn more. One thing that the links do not provide is the kind of search visibility that a website can provide. You are limited to a short description and so the person who does not know your business name will probably not find you. That is what a website can provide. Don’t misunderstand me here… you absolutely MUST claim a listing which exists for your business and put appropriate information there. That is another topic we have discussed in Resolve to be Found, but we are talking websites here.

So… along with your busy schedule, what is really keeping you from getting a good website set up for your business? Lets try to cover some of the common misconceptions others have expressed:

It will cost thousands of dollars to create a website.

  • Not necessarily, well designed websites can be affordable and grow with your business needs. Many web design companies will try to sell a business on the “Deluxe” package, or charge to provide items Cocoa Enterprises includes with the basic website design offering.
    • Cocoa Enterprises LLC specializes in providing affordable website design and web solutions for small business.  A professionally designed website can help drive new customers to your business and we provide economical options. We utilize only the latest website design CMS available to ensure your site is up-to-date.

I saw a site which provides a “Free Website”.

  • All too often we see that a company has created a website using one of the “free” offers. It has a Home page along with some of the other base options. Unfortunately, the site has limitations which business owners soon outgrow… leaving them to purchase the “upgrades”. Soon, they find that they are stuck with the hosting provider and cannot even successfully take their site elsewhere.
  • The “Free” websites also come along with another problem. You can choose your business name, but the link (which you will be printing on business cards, etc. and your customers will come to know) is something like: . Kind of “un-business-like”… don’t you think? And when you decide to register a real website with the name of, you usually cannot forward the old address to another hosting account… leaving you few options to keep your previous advertising intact.
    • We specialize in setting up a website on your hosting provider (which we can take from start to finish for you). We help you select not only the hosting provider, but the name to register as well if you like. When we are done, you can take your site wherever you like, and don’t even have to hire us to do it.
    • There’s no limit to what you can do in the future, and you aren’t even in need of our services to do it. We believe in total customer satisfaction, and hope you will feel we are a valuable business partner, but you own and control any website we build for you.
    • Those local area businesses who don’t want an actual website can still take advantage of a webpage on our Space Coast Florida website which can be tailored to your specific business. This can be an affordable option as well for those lacking the need of an individual website. The link provided would be in the format of: , and appears more professional on advertising media.

I don’t have time to keep updating new content for my website.

  • When you post something for your site, it is indexed by the search engines and given greater visibility in search results than say… a Facebook post. By providing appropriate placement in the site navigation, your customers can easily locate the article as well. These types of articles don’t need to be updated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis (or at all for that matter).
    • For business owners who simply do not want to post articles relative to their business at all, Cocoa  Enterprises LLC offers article development services. We can take a basic email from you about your business offerings and add suitable text, images, links, and other SEO related elements to help promote the post.

All that SEO stuff is too hard to figure out and I don’t have the time.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to making it easy for the search engines to understand your pages or posts. This involves in part using words and phrases in your post that your customers will use when searching for the type of products and services you offer. Having a website that is search optimized is perhaps the single most important thing that can help bring new customers to your business.
    • All the content provided by Cocoa Enterprises LLC takes SEO into consideration. From post title, to page format, and everything in-between, we try to help you get a website which is SEO friendly online.
    • Those businesses who want to post their own articles will love the tools we install for easy search engine optimization. We even help get you started by in-person or phone support to answer any questions.

 If you are a small business and don’t have a great website or have no website at all, you are missing out on what may be the best advertising tool available. Potential new customers are looking for your product or service and you absolutely MUST get moving to be found. Your competition has a good website, but with the help of Cocoa Enterprises LLC’s website design services, your website will be great.

Don’t keep worrying about the small stuff. Cocoa Enterprises LLC is here to help small business with affordable web solutions to all your web related needs. Get in touch with us today for a FREE review of your business online profile. Email Cocoa Enterprises or fill out the easy contact form below.

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