Take your existing WordPress site to new levels!

take wordpress to new heights imageFor those businesses who already have a WordPress site, we can offer our years of experience to create the image you are seeking. Nothing says more about your business for those who find you on the internet than the website they first see. An out-dated, boring, or poorly structured site will often turn potential customers away from getting in touch.

Perhaps, building an entirely new site with your current site name is in order, but it has been our experience that many websites only need a bit of “sprucing up” with the addition of features available. We know that you are busy running your business and don’t have the time to learn all the details about customizing your website. That’s our business… we take the time to understand your goals and put our experience to work when customizing a new image.

Changing the base theme to an up-to-date one and changing the look of your site can be a great alternative if it is built on WordPress now. For those sites which are built on an entirely different platform, we can often provide a solution as well. There’s no need to get a new domain name and change all your promotional materials or links. We will work together to make any transitions smooth and effective.

When it comes to customizing your new or existing WordPress site, we usually recommend starting with Weaver II Pro. This premium theme has the ability to customize almost every aspect without writing specific HTML or CSS and is fully responsive to the many different devices (iphone, tablets, etc.) in use today. The flexibility of this theme has driven us to purchase license to use on those sites supported by us.

There are currently 2,753 themes available from WordPress.org, and many of these provide a very functional “free” version without investing in a premium theme. While we don’t charge extra for Weaver II Pro theme installation, we are also glad to help you select another theme to start with if you prefer.

Drop us a note at: editor@spacecoast-florida.com or take advantage of our Request Information form to get in touch.

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