Sample forms available

Basic customer contact forms available for your website 

Getting feedback from your customers can be very useful. Whether simply to get in touch, request information, sign up for a newsletter or place a basic order, adding a form or two can simplify your life. This article provides a few basic examples of forms which can be used to collect customer information. Those individuals who would like to add some interactivity on their WordPress website can get a few ideas here.

These simple forms can be edited or customized to suit most needs and are provided here to help you decide if adding a form to your site would be of benefit. The fields can be easily added or changed to collect specific information of interest.

** Note **  These are sample forms intended to provide some ideas how you can engage your customers.  No submitted items will generate a feedback request at this time. Take advantage of our “Request Information” link to get in touch and learn more about our website services for your business.