image for web design optionsBe sure that you can customize your website your way!

When selecting a website developer, take the time to ask them a few questions before putting your business in their hands. Having a website constructed may seem like something you simply want a professional to handle, but ensuring that you have control when you want it will save a lot of trouble in the future. Some things you should consider before you start include:

  • Can I sign into my account from day 1 as administrator and perform any tasks needed?

    • Some developers try to keep you locked into their services by withholding the ability to take control if and when you want to. This not only keeps you from making adjustments, but also forces you to pay for their services to make even minor changes.
    • Once we go live with a site, not only will you have an account with full administrator privileges, but we will take the time to give you 30 days of support to help and advise you. You can quickly learn the basics, and if you need additional support, we can help there too.
  • Is my site constructed with with an actively supported CMS?

    • With all the malicious website attacks, there are loopholes being uncovered by hackers daily. If your site isn’t kept current, these individuals can easily infect your website just to prove they can.
    • Whether you want to personally update your site, have someone else do it for you, or have us provide on-going technical support, our WordPress sites can be easily updated and protected from malicious attackers.

  • What adjustments can I make?

    • Some websites are constructed with very few adjustments available without writing specialized code. This will keep you locked into hiring someone even when you want to just do something as simple as changing the color scheme or background image.
    • Many of the popular “free” websites available only allow you to make the most basic of adjustments to colors, layout, fonts, content, images, etc.
    • Our standard website is constructed with a fully customizable theme where you can easily make some adjustments yourself, or any individual familiar with WordPress can do it for you. Each and every color, font, border, menu, text, or any other item can be adjusted with the administrator page.
  • If I want to add features in the future, what is involved?

    • Many developers only provide a site which requires custom code for any new feature or option. These sites will usually require you to pay for each “custom” feature. A great number of these options are over-priced, limited, not adjustable, and not supported by popular browsers.
    • WordPress is an “open source” application which has many thousands of developers actively building tools and features (a host of which are FREE) to make it even better. This community of contributors helps to ensure usability with a great review process so you can rest assured that features you select are the best available. Adding a new tool in WordPress is easy, but we are here to help if you need some guidance.
  • Is there training available to help me make changes?

    • Even with administrator access, many websites are designed with content management systems where the only training available is to purchase expensive literature, or take a course online or at a university.
    • WordPress is actively supported with forums, and freely available documentation. While you can still buy a book, or take courses, there are a wide variety of great support avenues where you can learn on your own. Better yet, it is designed from the start to be intuitive enough that you can probably do most of the basics without any instruction at all.

Whether you are ready to start taking charge of your website, or looking to get started on the right step, we can help. Everything we do is based on making it easy to have a great online face for your business. We believe you really should “have it your way” when it comes to your website. Take a moment to get in touch with our easy Request Information form, or send an email to the editor at:

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