Why WordPress

Why should I use WordPress for my CMS?

Instead of “Why WordPress”, perhaps the question should be “Why not use WordPress?”. Custom PHP page development requires the business owner to be supported by others unless they are an HTML expert. Not only will you have to continue to utilize these specialized developers, you also  become dependent on their abilities which may not be up-to-date. With WordPress, you not only have the vote of confidence of almost 25% of the website owners worldwide, but you can also easily learn the basics to maintain your own site without hiring specialists.

I enjoy hiking, and often I like to just head out into the wild on my own when I don’t really care about where I go or when I get there. I’ll just take a bearing and strike off in the direction of interest taking a few bearings along the way to get back. When I do care about getting to a specific destination, or when it’s important for me to return at at a certain time, I have to take a different approach. These times, I often find the best way to proceed is to follow a trail that others have followed.

I acquaint the use of custom CMS to this analogy. Customized CMS can sometimes provide some very unique results for specific needs. This can occasionally be useful, but not if you care about how and when you get to your destination. To ensure you arrive at your desired destination in time, it is often better to consider the advice and experience of others.

There many ways to create a website and many of those are quite impressive. If you care about you where you going and how long it will take to get there, consider taking advantage of the tools provided by WordPress. You will find that there are still plenty of excursions available, but without the need to start over should you stray off course.

You can easily locate help and guidance from experienced community members should the need arise. For this reason we recommend WordPress as CMS for most of our website development.

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